4: Electronic Engineering

Titoma HWW Electronic Design

Electronic Engineering and Design for China Manufacturing


Titoma’s electronic engineers have been designing and manufacturing electronic products in Asia since 2003. We have the in-house skills and experience to develop Embedded Solutions, Connected IoT Devices and Industrial Equipment.


Embedded solutions

Our in-house teams of electronic engineers develop products based on embedded solutions such as STMicroelectronics STM32 and Microchip PIC32. We are a Preferred Microchip Design Partner:


Wireless Connected IoT Devices

We have a wealth of experience designing wirelessly connected devices and Internet Of Things (IOT) products based on wireless protocols such as: RFID, Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, LoRa etc.


Industrial Equipment

Reliability is a top concern for all the products we design, but nowhere is this as important as with industrial equipment. We have done a lot of work with UV curing devices and RFID access control.


User Interface Design

We have experience with user interface design such as the control of LCD’s, buttons with just the right feel and click.


FCC & CE Certifications

When engineering our electronic embedded devices we always keep EMI & EMC Compliance in mind, and work closely with the local RF test labs to assure speedy certification.


Real time cooperation with electronic component vendors

China and Taiwan manufacture a wealth of very competitive electronic components and modules, but the English documentation for these is often lacking. Having all possible vendors within an hour drive of our office ensures a level of support that most electronic design firms in the West can only dream of.



United States of America

Taiwan (Headquarters)

Case Engelen - Taiwanese Representative for Titoma Product Development

Case Engelen, CEO
+886 2 8698 1249
18F, No.75, Xintai 5th Rd.,Section1, XiZhi 22101 Taiwan

The Netherlands

Stef Traa - Your Dutch Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Stef Traa
+31 6 2939 8629
Camperstraat 14
1091 AE Amsterdam,


Ronald Hartmann - Swiss Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Ronald Hartmann
+41 21 801 63 70
Route de la Gare 9, 1131 Tolochenaz, Switzerland


Allain Traverso - Case Engelen - French Representative for Titoma Product Development

Alain Traverso
+33 954252001
Ter Rue du President Wilson 57, 78230 Le Pecq, France

United Kingdom

Tim Pepper - UK Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Tim Pepper
+44 7776 142228
Ash House Business Centre, TW2 5RF Twickenham, UK


Daniele Fulingo - Italian Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Daniele Fuligno
+39 335 307 196
via Carnevali 6, PU 61100 Pesaro, Italy


Markus Olson - Swedish Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Markus Olsson
+46 763187952
Sofierogatan 1, SE-21217 Malmö, Sweden


Soleyda Manrique - Colombian Representative for Titoma Product Development in China

Soleyda Manrique Naranjo

+57 312 774 9772

75A-33 Carrera 21, Manizales, Colombia


Howell Wang - Chinese Representative for Titoma Product Development

Howell Wang
+86 755 2876 5963
1571, 1002 Keyuan Road, 518054 Shenzhen,China