Is Apple too mature to innovate?


Bob O’Donnell points out in an article that the time that Apple was able to surprise the world with real innovations may well be behind us.   They were very late with their Apple Watch, I guess they postponed the introduction a couple of times because it wasn’t ground breaking enough to meet the enormous expectations, […]


China drives down prices & lead-times at dizzying speed


As Ben Joffe shows in his presentation below, prices of quite a number of consumer products have come down very rapidly. The XiaoMi Yi camera for example equals or bests the GoPro Hero on virtually all specs, while selling for just $65. Mind that the prices listed in the graph are China retail prices, in […]


Wunderbar IoT starter-kit raises $11 M from Kleiner Perkins


In 2014 Relayr initially raised a modest 111K in crowdfunding for it’s beginner friendly IoT starter kit, but now got funded by venerated VC Kleiner Perkins. Congrats to the team and also to Startupbootcamp!   The kit allows beginners to experiment with Beacons and connected sensors. I feel it’s rather overpriced at Euro 470, better buy it […]


The Dash, world’s most ambitious earbud, raises $25 M


After raising $3.4 M on KickStarter Feb 2014 they now raised another $22 million. This project is so ambitious that I was wondering whether they could pull it off, but they did the impossible and the unit is working well. Now they are working hard to overcome manufacturing yield issues, there is a big difference […]


LoRa is the new BLE, roll-out starting this week


IoT needs a dedicated network, I strongly feel LoRa will be it:   1/100 the power consumption of BLE, i.e. lasting up to 10 years Range: 2 km urban to 15 km rural Bi-directional data traffic Low cost nodes Serious Telco support announced, especially in Europe More details in this article by Chris Downey : And […]


Crowd Design company Quirky seems to abandon Manufacturing


Wonderful concept, real pity they ran into problems making it work for electronic products. Seems they were pushing stuff out a little too fast, leading to severe quality problems. It would be a real waste if the implementation side could not be saved and they would deflate into just being a discussion platform.   Despite […]


How Much Will It Cost to Develop a New Product in Asia?


This is another question we get rather frequently. The short answer? It depends. Some clients require the full range of our services, while others may have already had some of these done in their own country, like for instance the industrial design work. Regardless of what stage you’re project is at, one thing is certain: […]


Kickstarter Prototype to Production: $100K is not enough


Q1 of 2015 saw a record 128 electronic projects raise at least $100K each on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Reaching $100K is often considered a successful campaign, and many think that the founders can take this money to a factory and just get the stuff made. The 4 out of 5 hardware campaigns that don’t manage […]


China ODM factory designs: 7 pitfalls to avoid


If your company needs a new electronic product made then the fastest and lowest cost way to get this done would seem to find an ODM factory in China already making very similar products. They have the leanest design and cost structure, the experience, and the large volume which allows for the lowest cost. On […]


Is China still the best place to manufacture electronic products these days?


You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked this question. Before getting ahead of yourself, first consider if China is the best choice to begin with. Companies outsource manufacturing or product development to China to lower cost; however, “going to China” only makes sense if the following criteria are met: Quantity Volume is king […]