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Knowledge Based Product Development

Re-designing your Electronic Product for Competitive Markets

"But while the prospect of selling products to a prospering China becomes more alluring, Western companies that are…"


How to Get Quality Electronics Out of China

"Let’s be honest here, China doesn’t exactly have that stellar, Germanic reputation of quality, reliability, and precision. But regardless, companies both small and off Apple-like proportions still rely on China because it’s the only way they can…"


Kickstarting Electronic Products: How Crowdfunding Works

"84% of the hardware projects on Kickstarter are experiencing significant delays. This has led to disappointments, and to reduce these Kickstarter has tightened up the rules: they now require a functional prototype, a credible manufacturing plan…"


10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Electronic Product

"Lowering the cost of your electronic device is especially crucial to offset lower sales and maintain your competitive edge during these difficult times. Here are 10 different strategies which over the years have proven to deliver the best value for money."


Developing A New Product? Look Before You Leap

"The market is the only parameter your company cannot modify. Before committing to developing your own product, it is advisable to do extensive research as this would provide guidance in planning and help you decide whether or not to take the plunge."


When to Switch from PC to Embedded: Going Tailor-Made Can Actually Save You Money

"Companies are facing increasing pressure to lower costs and speed up time to market. While many companies continue to opt for standard PC-based platforms, it is becoming apparent that embedded solutions are a more logical…"


Appcessories: Developing and Manufacturing Devices that Interface with Apple Products

"While complying with the MFI program will cost you additional money and time it does guarantee that your device will work seamlessly with any Apple product; and most importantly the Apple stamp of approval is a valuable marketing tool."


The Cheapest Way to Get Your Custom Electronic Device Manufactured

"To be competitive in electronics you need to manufacture in Asia, and it's imperative that product development is done in Asia as well, and that there is a tight management to make sure expectations are consistently met."


Secrets of Time to Market: The 80% Rule

"It will be your customers who provide you with valuable feedback on which features really matter and provide the added value they are willing to pay for. Getting real market feedback as quick as possible is more important than trying to score a perfect 10 in the lab."


How to Protect Your IP When Developing Products in China

"While it may look scary to take a highly confidential product idea to China, when enough precautions are taken, the advantages outweigh the potential risks of copying."


How Much Will It Cost to Have a New Electronic Product Developed in Asia

"You can expect significant savings when your device is not only manufactured in China or Taiwan, but also developed here."


Is China still the best place to manufacture electronic products these days

"Companies outsource manufacturing or product development to China to lower cost; however, going to China only makes sense if the following criteria are met."


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