industrial electronics design and manufacturing

Industrial Electronics Design and Manufacturing

Industrial electronics require stringent compliance to design guidelines and procedures due to the challenging operational parameters to which they are subjected: high or low temperature, high humidity, dust and grime, high vibration and shock loads among others.


Titoma Design will work with you to define operational parameters and design the electronics and mechanical systems accordingly. Developing industrial devices necessitates selecting highly durable components, designing shock isolation systems, and ensuring an efficient thermal management system. We can support all levels of requirements from system to board level and fulfill design requirements to meet the requisites of industrial ISO, avionics, military, and automotive standards.


We are a full-service company providing quality design and manufacturing services for industrial electronic devices. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with completely assembled and tested integrated systems, electro mechanical assemblies, and full housing integration. We make it our job to deliver quality products that fall within budget requirements and select components carefully to diminish chances of failure and obsolescence.


Industrial devices we have designed and manufactured include enclosed lighting fixtures, avionics media players, UV curers for manufacturing, environmental controllers, testing equipment, surface scanners, security systems, inventory keeping scanners, and automotive devices.

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