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Electronic design demands a high level of expertise and requires an experienced electronics design company to facilitate the development process. At the heart of every electronic product are the electronic design and the firmware that runs it. Getting the electronic design right and selecting the right components defines performance, future proofing, durability, cost, and ultimately the success of a product.


Titoma's electronic engineers have been designing and manufacturing electronics in Asia since 1999. Our competence is demonstrated in the many electronic design projects we have undertaken and successfully completed.

We Bring Quality Electronic Products to Market

In electronics, time-to-market is crucial; our engineers have the skills to bring quality products to market and accomplish this by using a platform that best suits your requirements based on use, conditions, and price. As a result, you benefit from accelerated development, accumulated experience, economies of scale, and performance reliability.

Experienced, Skilled, Client-centered

You can be assured that when you entrust your entire electronic design and development needs to us that we have the engineering and the practical know-how to come up with solutions that are implementable in the manufacturing phase. We have the experience and disciplines necessary for complete turnkey development of electronics:

- Analog & Digital Circuit Schematics, Gerber Artwork and Layout Design

- Embedded Systems Firmware & Micro Controller Programming

- Embedded Systems Software Design

- User-Interface Development

- Hardware Design for EMI & EMC Compliance


As a team, we employ a design methodology that takes into account the agile and often iterative nature of electronic product development while working closely with you throughout the process. We take pride in our interactive, client-centered approach that involves you in all phases of a project. Our ability to communicate clearly – combined with our ability to produce functional and cost effective electronic designs – ensures that the end product will always live up to your needs and expectations.

Our capabilities have be applied in the custom electronics design of products in the following areas—

Automation Solutions

Dynamic Digital Signage

Environment Controllers

GPS/Tracking Solutions

Biometric Scanning Security Systems

Specialized Tablet PCs

Multimedia Players

Smartphone Connected Devices

Healthcare Products

Medical Products

Avionics IFE

Automotive Products


Board Electronic Design Process
List of certifications and compliance directives
  • - FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
  • - CE (European Conformity)
  • - UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • - ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • - FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • - WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
Asian Components Straight from the Source

Titoma coordinates component sourcing and stays in constant dialogue with local electronic component vendors. This allows us to know exactly when new chipsets and other new technologies become available at a price level that makes mass commercialization feasible. We use this unique knowledge of the Asian electronics market to provide you with products that can be produced cost effectively.

Mechanical engineering
Electronic Design
Molds & parts

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Titoma was very helpful in transforming our ID concept into a series of working units ... The products worked great and looked very high-end.

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