CarMask: Industrial Paper Cutter

Titoma was approached by French company Logimask to design and manufacture a system that automatically produces made-to-measure masks for car windows. The paper masks are used to mask the windows of a car during painting. The system was designed to save time over the traditional way of masking the windows by hand.

The client had first approached a design firm in France to develop a proof-of-concept (POC) prototype, which received good reception in tradeshows but the price to manufacture the design proved too high and thus made the whole concept unviable.

Titoma then came up with a re-design of the POC from an industrial and engineering perspective to drastically reduce the unit cost while maintaining design intent. The following were executed:

1. Source alternative components

Instead of the original US$ 4,500 cutter module, we instead selected a much more cost effective alternative from China, and modified the unit to meet the required specifications.


2. Custom software development

We modified the original application to more user-friendly Graphical User Interface that ran on Linux optimized so as not to tax the hardware.


3. Low cost Industrial PC

We replaced the Pentium based architecture with a more resilient industrial PC solution to better meet the requirements of the job, and save money at the same time because the solution was more than able to handle the application's low computing power requirements.


4. Improved User Interface

The monitor, mouse and keyboard were replaced with an LCD monitor with touch screen and stylus which made the device even easier to use.


5. Test and enhance cutter performance

After extensive testing we decided to employ a motorized feed system to assure smoother performance and accuracy.


6. Design for low quantity production

Due to low quantity production, we opted to use metal parts and glass fiber panels instead of plastic injected parts.


7. Custom Power supply

We developed a custom power system designed to drive the cutter module, the Industrial PC and LCD monitor, which offered improved protection against irregular power supply in certain geographic regions. The power system was designed so that the device could be sold in the US and Europe without having to go through rounds of safety approvals.

As a result of Titoma's redesign efforts, the device was more cost effective to produce, had better functionality, contained more features, and generated good reception at an automotive tradeshow in Paris.


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