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Titoma - An Electronic Design & Manufacturing Company

Company: What we are

Titoma Design, the Time to Market company, is Asia’s premier electronic Product Development company. In 2000, Titoma was established in Taiwan to help Western companies design and manufacture quality electronic products in the Great China region.


We know the importance of being price competitive without foregoing quality. We’ve realized early on that the only way to truly leverage Asian manufacturing is to design and develop electronic products here using cost effective Asian components. But not every company has a core competence in electronic design or manufacturing—and this is where we excel. Companies entrust their complete development project to us, leaving them free to focus on what they do best: coming up with innovative new products and introducing them into the market.


People: Who we are

Our people best exemplify who we are. Titoma is comprised of industrial designers, electronics and mechanical engineers, manufacturing specialists, and project managers. We're an agile, performance-oriented team of multi-disciplinary, hybrid professionals who are constantly honing our skills in executing complex electronic development projects and delivering results.
We understand you and your needs; we understand your risks; and we possesses the strategic, creative and technical abilities necessary to deliver solutions that you require to be successful.


In short, you will be hard pressed to find a team as passionate and focused as we are on making your product a market success.

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Our strong dedication to IP protection is one of the reasons why companies choose Titoma.

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You are prime examples of what it takes to make a company a world class end to end manufacturing organization that meets or exceeds needs of its customers.

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